Armor idea

This is my idea for armor, because I haven’t been able to craft armor, and I haven’t seen them in shops. My idea goes like this


Ok here it is.

I’m thinking armor can be bought from stores, and then you can craft the nation armor with dye like the banners, and it gives you status effects like for air it can give you speed or jump and water can give you regen, fire can give fire resistance, and earth can give strength. Or whatever sounds good to you. And it would give the same armor as the armor it was crafted with. Like diamond air nomad, and diamond water tribe. Or iron air nomad and iron earth kingdom. And I can’t think what the helmets for air nomad would be, maybe air tattoos.


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3 years ago
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3 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Thank you for your suggestion.

First of all, helmets are being used by cosmetics so we cannot use up that slot for gameplay impacting mechanics, or it would have to sacrifice gameplay versus equipping cosmetics/introduce pay to win elements to our server, both of which we do not want.

In terms of armor, while we have considered it, we have decided against implementing (gameplay-impacting) armors for now for a multitude of reasons including immersion, gameplay decisions and priorities.

I am sorry to have to disappoint you, but the chances of seeing your suggestions live are slim to none.

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