Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best element?
The best element is the one you like to play :).

What do I do?

you can level up in our dungeons, unlock bending moves, explore our world, create other characters and unlock bending moves for other elements, you can build a town somewhere in the world where it’s not claimed yet or join an existing one, you can mine ores in the spirit world and sell them to our vendors to make money to buy other stuff from them instead, you can pvp in our arenas, quite a lot of fun stuff to do :slight_smile:


How do I bend?
Put your bending focus in your main hand (selected hotbar slot). Use (right click) to view your moves. Choose a move by selecting a hotbar slot (number key). Attack (left click) to use the move. Some moves have requirements like standing on a water or earth block! For more information: bending wiki.

How do I level up?
Level up by killing mobs at dungeons and completing dungeons.

How do I get more bending moves?
Level up by doing dungeons, then visit the bending master in your capital. Use /capital to teleport to your capital and /nav to find your bending master.

How do I get to dungeons?
Use /dungeons to see dungeon locations. Press F3 to see your location. You can use fast travel to get to a node close to the dungeon and walk, glide, or ride your pet the rest of the way. See the dungeons category on the wiki for more information.

How do I use fast travel?

How do I get tea leaves?
Get tea leaves by completing Accomplishments (Press L), every 7th consecutive /reward, and by finding them around the world, like at dungeons and arenas!

How do I get food?
You can buy food at markets, harvest (and replant) crops at community farms, or create your own farm at your town.

Where are community farms?
At the bottom of the Southern Air Temple mountain, at the top of the Northern Water Tribe spirit oasis waterfall, next to the Assault on Kazan Triad dungeon, and next to the Ryu’s Campfire dungeon.

How do I get money?
You can make money by selling items at markets located in major cities, by collecting player bounties, and by using /reward.

Where do I get a glider?
At the Southern Air Temple. Use /nav at the SAT to find the glider vendor npc.

How do I get to location?

  • Major city or spirit portal
    Find its location on the map and use fast travel or walk.
  • Dungeon
    Answered above.
  • Market/arena/pet vendor/other location in a major city
    Use /nav while at the major city.

How do I claim land/make or join a town?
Use /town new [townname] in the wilderness to create a town and claim a chunk. See the Towny guide on the forum for more information.

Where do I find ores or some other block type?

  • Some blocks don’t appear in the overworld, but can be found in the spirit world, which you can get to by traveling through a spirit portal.
  • The block might be sold at markets located in major cities.



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