Plugin Suggestion + Bending suggestion (UPDATED)

I was thinking there could be a way to allow scrolling instead of button selecting your skills after right clicking your element. Makes it easier to fight without having to constantly stretch fingers to reach the hot bar keys, reduces mistakes and can help players focus more on the battle than the keys.

Instead of creating a new post I thought it’d be better to edit this one, I had a suggestion for an Airbending skill. A protective ball of air that surrounds the player. Do with it how you will, in terms of what it protects, how long it lasts, etc. Airbenders are very agile and have great movement but when trapped don’t have much in the realm of protection (I.G. being trapped in a water/ice ball). There are moves similar to this with Waterbenders and Earthbenders I believe. It’s also very noteworthy in the show as well.


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2 years ago
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2 years ago