Some suggestions

I have a suggestion for pets (only for combat ones) So, at a specific level your pet would grow (if it’s possible) and you can take one more player with you on that pet and travel together, that would be cool in my opinion. And maybe make pets for specific nations (at air temple you can find only sky bison as a combat pet and etc).


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2 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

Hey there EthicaDD,

It is currently not really possible for us to mount two (or more) players on a single pet reliable without it crashing or glitching the view of one of the players and the tech required to fix those issues are pretty low priority for now and thus not on any short term plan.

I’m sorry to have to deliver you with news like this, because we would love for you to be able to ride a catdeer with a partner for example.

Nation specific pets are rather unfair gameplay wise and even though it would make sense in the lore and story of the universe, we prefer to choose gameplay over immersion in cases like this.