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Right now getting certain blocks is very hard and/or expensive. Think about blocks like quartz, ice and the rest of the silk touch only blocks. My suggestion is to either:

A. Make certain hard to get blocks cheaper.

B. Maker them easier to get

You could add a merchant that enchants your items with silk touch or fortune to make the grinding easier.

In the spirit world you have loads of redstone blocks, glowstone and lapis blocks. but the only way to get quartz is to spend hours of your day to get a few stacks of quartz.

4 Stacks of quartz == 1 Stack of quartz blocks.

This is no fun process. You would need multiple inventories full of quartz to build even the simplest projects.

Maybe add a structure in the spirit world that includes quartz blocks instead of ore. And maybe slightly reduce the price of sea lanterns, ice and quartz.

Just some random thoughts I had while playing.

Thanks for reading

Edit: Another possibility would be to change the recipe to be the same as stonebrick a.k.a. 4 quartz == 4 quartz blocks. Or maybe 2 quartz blocks that would still be better than a 1:4 ratio. And maybe add a recipe for prismarine shards.


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4 years ago
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4 years ago

By lemur68 At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Please make the price of ice one yuan so that I can make ice roads everywhere

By AwesomeSubseb [Team Member] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Great idea!