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This is open to anyone, not just players from the tournament.

Do you have suggestions or requests on balancing the four elements and nonbending?


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By SkeletonXF238 [Team Member] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

The making of the longest fight

My plans

My strategy going into my first fight after the practice arena was to keep my distance, poke my opponent down, and engage my opponent when they got to low hp.

My hotbar was setup with Air Jump, Air Bolt, Air Kick, Air Spear, Air Gust, Air Armour, Feather Weight and Wind Rush. Looking over the wiki to grab this info post game I can see this was weighted towards low level abilities. I didn’t use Air Armour in my fight as I’d only chosen it for Fire matchups (I didn’t realise feather weight also removes fire as this seems to only be on the wiki). I also rarely used Air Gust. In hindsight swapping one for my level 25 ability would have given me much better damage.

Running away

The (watery) arena was great for running away for both of us. The several times when my opponent kept jumping between water sources I could not land a hit. Similarly the several times I got caught out I could escape to non water with Air Jump and Windrush.

Damage vs Healing

Looking over the wiki the vast majority of the hits I did land were dealing 10-25 health. I was lucky to land 3 in a row before my opponent could dive away. At the start of the fight I did not realise my opponent could heal themselves. I can now see that this has a 60 second cooldown. Regardless, if I landed 3 hits in a row every 10 seconds that would still only be around 270 damage before my opponent healed 40% of 300+ plus passive healing over the minute.

I have no idea how much damage I was actually dealing, because most of the time I was not close enough to my opponent to read their hp above their head. I don’t know if the times when my opponent was diving between water sources was stalling for Healing to come off cooldown due to low hp or not.

I didn’t take much damage unless I got caught out in water because when I was keeping my distance I was dodging most hits.

Whoever said the fight would come down to whoever lasts longer IRL was very right 😞


I think it would be useful if you received chat messages when you land a hit that tell you the hp left of the person you hit. That way both players would be much more aware of their opponent’s health even when keeping their distance and able know when they have an advantage. I spent most of the fight above half health with no idea if I was actually winning or not.

Perhaps the fight might have finished properly if either of us could see that we needed to be more aggressive to progress the fight.

By PowerfulPig At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

I would recommend adding a boss bar during PvP like the ones used in the end bosses of the PvE dungeons so you can easily tell how much hp the opponent has.

I also believe that the nonbending move Brace gives too much saturation. During the tournament, I didn’t eat food a single time, and never got below half hp on any of the fights I won because of the high regeneration that Brace provides with its saturation.

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By SkeletonXF238 [Team Member] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

How would a boss bar work outside 1v1s? Maybe showing the last player hit?

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

For arenas we could just show a bar for every player I guess?