Gaoling Bending Tournament Event: July 14th 2018 at 6PM UTC



Event: Gaoling Bending Tournament:

Hello benders and nonbenders alike! With our new update going live we’ve decided to start a new event for you all to enjoy. This event will take place in the newly release Gaoling arena!:

  • When will it be?
    • The event will take place on Saturday July 14th at 6PM UTC. This is 2PM EST / 6PM GMT+1 / 9 PM GMT+3 / 4AM GMT+10. Please use your trusty friend Google to find exactly what time this is in your time-zone. We understand that some people may not be available during this time and will make an effort to have them at varying times in the future.
  • How do I join?
    • Please join the discord (link at top) or send a message on our forum post here or message a moderator / chat moderator in-game. If you can not get in contact with one, you can send FireLordIzumi a message on Skype (FireLordIzumi) or Discord (Mako#2066).
  • Am I limited to the bending I chose?
    • No! This event will take place off the main server by doing «/server event» once the event is open for joining. You will be able to select any bending you wish and change it at any point before the tournament officially starts. The event server will be open 30 minutes before the tournament starts to allow players to have time to pick.
  • Will there be elytras?
    • At the moment we have decided to not provide elytras for players to use. These can be used to avoid combat completely by Airbenders and serve no purpose in combat since they are disabled after taking damage.
  • Will there be stats and levels?
    • Just like on the main server you will have stat points to allocate using «/c». You will be automatically set to max level and have all moves available from the moment you select a bending. You can reset your stats throughout the tournament to change your build based on the bender you will be fighting by speaking to the stat spirit near spawn.
  • Will there be rewards?
    • First Place: A choice of any single item from the donation store or 500,000 in-game currency. Winner chooses which. – Please note: You can NOT claim packages. Only single items. A free character slot, blue firebending, special hat, etc.
    • Second Place: 200,000 in-game currency.
    • Participation: Everyone who signs up for the tournament and participates in it without missing any matches will receive a participation prize. This will consist of 6 cosmetic heads and a tea leaf. The cosmetic heads will be 3 Diamond Block heads and 3 Diamond Ore heads. First and second place winners will receive this as well.
  • How often will these tournaments be held?
    • Currently, this event has one goal in mind - to aid in the balancing of the elements. After we have received sufficient feedback for the elements we will begin to hold this event much more often on a regular, predictable basis.
  • Various notes on how the event will function below:
    • The tournament will operate off a public leaderboard that you can request the link to at any time (after the tournament has started.)
    • Veterans will face veterans in the first rounds and newer players against newer players. Veteran players will fight first. This is the give the new players an opportunity to watch and learn from the fights before and give them a better chance at beating a veteran player.
    • Time will be controlled so that Firebenders and Waterbenders will not receive their day or night damage boosts throughout the fight. High noon bonus and full moon bonus will not occur in any fight.

If you have any questions regarding the event, you can ask in our announcement on the forums or message a moderator in-game.

We hope you join the fight on Saturday, July 14th at 6PM UTC!


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