Kraotum now has a bot running it!

Here is the source code for the bot, along with all the commands.

The gist of the bot is that it runs Kraotum as if it were a company: You can buy and sell shares to those in the nation, and your voting power is decided by those shares.

Right now there are 10,000 shares in existence, all owned by me, but I’d be more than willing to sell some to my fellow nation members. So uh, please join my nation so that this can actually be worth the time I put into it

Oh and the bot’s name is yuuki24_


Created At:
5 years ago
Updated At:
5 years ago

By palsjuegs [Team Member] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I’m impressed.

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Oh no, the bots are taking over!