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Spawn Guide

Hello, and welcome to the world of Avatar reborn!

When you first spawn, you are in the initial spawn area referred to as the «Cosmos.» This is your first step in a journey towards mastering the elements. There is not much to do here, however you can stop to admire the glorious statue of Korra created by our very own Jtox17.

Once you spawn in, walk forward and right click to talk to Korra. She gives you the option to test one of the four elements; Air, Water, Earth, or Fire.

Do not worry! Selecting one of these is NOT final. This is simply for testing, you can test every single element before you confirm your choice.

Bending, and how to do it.

Our bending plugin is based on the Magic plugin. It might be a little strange at first, but it is easy to understand.

When you get teleported to the testing area, you will be given what is refered to as a «Focus.» This Focus is how you will bend. It should appear as a colored icon relevant to the bending it gives. Air is white, Water is blue, Fire is red, and Earth is brown. If they appear as swords do not worry, we use a custom resource pack and it should download automatically within a few minutes. If it does not, you can refer to the below link for help or ask a staff member for help in-game.

Once you have your focus, you will right-click it to open it and the moves will appear on your hotbar. You can use the number keys (1 through 9) to change to moves in their respective slot. Each element has 5 moves for testing purposes; however, each element has 17 moves total.

Once you have selected a move, simply left click to perform it! You can also hit «E» while your focus is open and hover over the moves with your cursor for a short description of what these moves do.

Testing Further Elements

Once you have testing an element to your heart’s desire, you have the option to try another element. In order to do so, find the spirit NPC in the testing area and right click to interact with them. They will give you the option to go to the Cosmos or to the capital city. Select Cosmos to be teleported back to Korra, you can then speak with her again and select a new element for testing!

Below are the locations and names of each Spirit NPC.

Air: Inua - At the bottom on the lake shore. > Inua

Water: Sedna - On the shore near the water, left of where you spawn in. > Sedna

Earth: Keelut - Right behind where you spawned in. > Keelut

Fire: Malina - At the back of the area on the edge of the platform. > Malina

Confirming Your Choice

Once you know which element you’d like to be, simply find the spirit NPC in the bending area of your choice and select to go to the capital city. This choice is final and unreversable except during your first 24 hours of playing the server. If you’d like to reset within the first 24 hours, you may ask a moderator to do so but only once! If no moderator is on, ask a chat moderator and they will forward the request to the moderation team. As long as you ask within the first 24 hours, it can still be done.

Now that you are at the capital city, you can experience the Avatar world again! You begin at level 1 and you unlock more moves by leveling up which you do so by completing dungeons.

You can teleport back to your capital city by using /capital or /spawn at any time.

Please refer to the leveling guide for information on what to do:

Selecting a New Element

Once you reach level 25, you will be considered a master of the respective element you chose. Now is your opportunity to play as a brand new element!

Do not fret my feeble turtle ducks, picking a new element will NOT reset your current progress. We utilize a character system and once you reach level 25 on your first character. Upon logging in you will be greated with this screen:

Character Selection Screen

This will be available AFTER the update on June 30th.

You can switch between characters by logging out then back in or doing /limbo. Once you pick a new element, your second character will be level 1. Your first character will remain level 25 and you can switch between them at will. Your balance, town, literally everything except bending, level, and stats are all shared between characters.

P.S. If you created a new character and did not select a bending yet, it will be represented by a skull.

Also, you may have noticed a new option appear. Once you reach level 25 on your first character you will unlock the ability to become a Nonbender!

You are given 3 character slots for free. You may donate to receive more character slots at


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