Eastern / Western / Northern Air Temple, Southern Water Tribe Tea Leaves



Eastern Air Temple Tea Leaves

First Tea Leaf is in a parkour course.

Parkour Entrance

Coords: x: 23786 z: 11949 y: 198

Parkour Tea Leaf

The next two tea leaves are located in a maze outside the Eastern Air Temple. First one is located on the second floor of the maze, final one is at the end of the maze.

Maze Entrance

Coords: x: 23497 z: 11986 y: 16

First Maze Tea Leaf

Second Maze Tea Leaf

Western Air Temple Tea Leaves

This area is very dark so make sure you pay attention and look closely!

First Tea Leaf

Coords: x: 7516 z: 5245 y: 124

Second Tea Leaf

Coords: x: 7531 z: 5143 y: 148

The next one can be a bit tricky because it is hidden inside a secret room. Go through the paintings in the picture below to access the room.

Secret Entrance

Coords: x: 7451 z: 5114 y: 149

Tea Leaf

Coords: x: 7440 z: 5108 y: 146

Another maze! Don’t you love them?

Maze Entrance

Coords: x: 7568 z: 5296 y: 117

Tea Leaf

Northern Air Temple Tea Leaves

Not many here, there is one in a random building and one inside a rather open-concept maze which spans across a quarter of the temple.

First Tea Leaf

Coords: x: 15932 z: 3704 y: 126

The beginning of the maze is behind this painting. Yes, you can walk through paintings.

Maze Entrance

Coords: x: 15918 z: 3655 y: 151

Tea Leaf

Southern Water Tribe Tea Leaves

Only one in the actual city, the other is by the Spirit Portal!

First Tea Leaf - In the basement of the building

Coords: x: 10654 z: 17504 y: 17

This one looks slightly different, but it is, in fact, a tea leaf!

Second Tea Leaf by the Portal

Coords: x: 13648 z: 18631 y: 41


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