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The server isn’t that active. Rarely do have I seen more than two or three people on that aren’t staff or builders in some way. I’ve been on the server since the first day it opened to the general public, back when it was still very affiliated with /r/thelastairbender. I remember how the server was full, and how I had to click like a madman hoping someone would leave, and I could get a spot. Nowadays, it’s the exact opposite. I don’t come on as often due to the lack of other players.

If you do a quick google search for «avatarmc», the first result is, of course, this website. However, if you do a search on any common server website, like PlanetMinecraft, or MinecraftServers, you will not find anything. This should not be happening, in my opinion. The server needs advertisements.

I’ve talked to people about this, and some staff members always have the same response, or something close to it. «The server isn’t ready» or «We need to finish some stuff». The server has been around for years, and people have played on it fine. Especially now, with this bending and level system, people will be fine. If, by the time everything is «ready», who is going to play? Who will join a dead server? I’m not saying advertisements would instantly add fifty people to the server at all times, but maybe it would attract more players.

Even financially speaking, advertisements are great. More players equals more people that could possibly buy items from the website shop, which would help ease the burden of server funding.

In summary, I do not see a single downside to creating ads on popular server websites, and if the server is to remain active, they are necessary.


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4 years ago

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

After a similar, internal, call for action a while back we did put this on the agenda for our next release. As we will be adding some new features that will hopefully smooth out the difficulty curve a bit for first time players.

Though due to unexpected illness (of me :( ) we have completely missed our deadlines. When I am fully able to contribute again, we’ll pick a new release data and start with the associated planning etc.

If you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

By AvatarYangchen [Chat Moderator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Oh jeez, I didn’t know you were sick, hope you’re better soon. And the difficulty at the beginning does seem to be a big problem, I’ve seen suggestions by some new players to have teleports to at least the first dungeon or the NWT, any plan on doing that or something similar? Or is that too far from the intended immersion? I’m not sure what to call it lol

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

It’s not something we would want to do as it breaks the immersion and flow. But if we need to do it for players to be able to get started on their own we will consider it.

It should then of course only be available when you’re just starting out (or it would defeat fast travel), so I am also not sure if that would lead to confusion in other ways.