Changing bends

I would like to suggest changing bends, because I personally do not like my bends that I chose. (Most of the bends are useless I’ve ben told by other players) One way you could make it better if you would add something that would make you start out fresh when you Finnish the max level and choose the class that you OFFICIALLY want. I hope you consider this. Ps I am a fire bender and most of the bends are useless like I said so you could make them be useful in some way.


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4 years ago

By vincebobogunoosh [Moderator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

On the subject of many moves being ‘useless’ I would disagree. While nobody uses all of their moves on a consistent basis, they all have their purposes. Fire Wall isn’t the most useful in PvP, but is incredibly strong in dungeons. And while you won’t often need Heat Control, it can be a lifesaver if you happen to be exploring in the spirit world and fall into a lava pit. Point being that you’re not going to get the same usage out of all of your moves, but that doesn’t make them bad moves, just situational.

And while you currently can’t switch elements, there is a solution to this in development.

By Bat_z At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Maybe I over said that most of the bends are useless but I just don’t use them very much, but thank you for the feedback.