So, as i think everyone knows in Avatar The Last Airbender. Katara got waterbending scrolls, and i thought it would be a very great idea to have scrolls on the server. We could buy them with yauns and then you get a random move, each move has a % to get it, if u dont get a move you get xp. I think thats cool so people can get new moves.

This is a suggestion for each element to sell something at thier capital (Except air because air already sells something (wings))

Water: As you all know waterbenders need water to bend and in avatar Katara always had water stored with her, so i think waterbenders can buy that thing and always be able to waterbend outside of water.

Fire: The ability to buy blue fire, this should only be available for firebenders that are high level. They can buy it and thier fire can become blue.

Earth: Earthbenders should be able to buy…. ok idrk here earthbenders dont have something that other elements dont in the series, no offence earthebenders.

My other suggestion is subbending We all know how earthbenders can bend metal and lava and how waterbenders can bend Blood and Vines and firebenders can bend lightning and combustion. Mys suggestion is that at level 25 people should get an option to bend either of the subbending choices. E.G lets say a waterbender got to level 25, he can now choose bitween bloodbending and vines, and then he can level up to level 30 to master the one he chose. This could be a nice feature cus when people get to level 25 they most likley get bored, they can now work on 5 more levels to master thier subelement

My next suggestion is Chi-Blocking In avatar korra we see that some people can chi-block which is technically an element so why not add it? but not to get confused with moves that take away bending.

Other suggestion No element people. Such as Sokka and many more why cant we be non benders???

Next suggestion, Lion turtle islands. We should totaly have islands on lion turtles ya know? like avatar Wan

Final suggestion is… cHANGING ELEMENT.

Thanks for reading <3


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5 years ago

By CafeMan At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Scrolls are an interesting idea but the bending system we have now is pretty good. Having to find scrolls to learn bending would be a needlessly complicated thing to add.

However being able to have certain cosmetic aspects for your bending is a great idea for the server store, which to be honest could use a few more things that are actually WORTH the money you spend. Why the ability to name a pet is SEVEN DOLLARS, the same price as an instrument is a thing I’ll never understand. The instruments are worth far more than a name for a pet.

Its such an arbitrary thing to charge actual money for, especially that much. Ordinarily I’d just call it being greedy but I think they just didn’t know what else to put on the store. But perhaps some of your ideas could be implemented into the store.

Blue fire, as you suggested is an excellent idea. I know a LOT of firebenders would kill to have blue fire on the server. But why stop at blue? Ran and Shaw displayed firebending in many different colors, so perhaps instead of just blue, there could be a whole multitude of colours they could choose from on the store.

As for the other forms of bending, there’s not really much in the way of cosmetics that I can be done for them, none that I can think of anyway. BUT, during a recent trip to Gaipan on the server I noticed that leather armor has been re-textured into air nation robes. If the rest have been re-textured as well, they would all be perfect for the store. Unbreakable sets of armor, one for each nation, but nerfed so they don’t actually give any armor that way they can serve merely as a cool cosmetic.

As for your ideas about subbending classes, I think this is another perfect idea for the store. Not only would it be a thing well worth the money, but it would help to fit right into the lore of the show. Subending techniques like metal bending or lava bending or lightning are rare things, not everyone can do them. If they were just another type of bending you could get from the bending teachers it would devalue them. They wouldn’t feel as special.

Earthbenders could choose between a Metalbending or Lavabending pack (but they can only pick one) that would give them two or three moves from that subdivison.

Firebenders could purchase a pack that lets them shoot lightning

Waterbending could have a Bloodbending/Swampbending pack (they could only pick one)

Airbending could have…suffocation I guess. I’d say flight but with Elytra’s we already have that.

OOH another idea that just popped into my head. Perfect for the store.

Meditation. Add a move called «Spirit Meditation»–that anyone from any nation could buy, that would allow you to slip into the Spirit World from whereever you are. Not instantaneously of course. Perhaps it would take…hmmm…ten seconds before it would actually bring you there. That way it can’t be use as a cheap way to get out of a fight.

By WaffleMity At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

The only thing that isnt good for the subbending is that airbenders would have a disatvantage as they really dont have any subbending, for the fire colors i think its a very cool idea to have a variaty of colors like Ran and Shaw. And the spirit meditation wont be very good in my opinion because, in avatar only avatars and jinora could spirit bend i guess

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0


I’m responding to this topic in general with regards to the rest.

With regarding to the price of the pet cosmetics, what would you advice us to do? We are always looking for feedback, we were unsure on the pricing and the subscription based model as well.

By CafeMan At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

As I said I think the ability to name a pet should be obtainable through the pet vendors, either through Yuans or Tea leaves. I know you guys are trying to find more things you can add to the store. I have no problem with that and I have no problem with supporting this server. Its an amazing server, and I was happy to buy my Guquin to do it.

But at the same time I think that whats on the store should be worth the money. And I’m just going to say this like it is, 7 bucks for a pet name is a rip off. You don’t have to pay real money to name tools or items or even normal mobs on the server so why are we being charged to name our pets? I know they have a neat little feature to help show health, but that even thats not worth seven dollars because we can still clearly see our pets health right above them.

So as I said perhaps you could drop naming pets from the store and maybe think about adding some other more valuable things to the store to make up. Like the armor! I saw leather armor retextured to air nation robes in Gaipan–why is THAT not on the store!? People would LOVE some retextured armor sets. They dont have to actually give armor. You can nerf them, make them unbreakable, sell them for about…Oh, 10-20 bucks (depending on which set you buy) and people will LOVE THEM.

I’m just saying its money for the server left on the table. Also perhaps you could consider expanding the hat collection. Hats are amazing, people love hats! I love hats! Right now there’s just a Top Hat and the Fire Lord crown. Top Hats are fancy but they’re not all that Avatar-ish, and the Fire Nation crown is something that most non-firebenders probably wont be into.

You could add in that Domed earth kingdom war helmet, the Earth King’s Crown, the Water Tribe warrior wolf hat, a Phoenix King Helmet, the Fire Prince crown thing that Iroh passed on to Zuko, Toph’s hairband thing, a head arrow tattoo hat–I could go on and on but I won’t cause I’ve rambled on for long enough.


I think the ability to give your pet a name should be purchasable from the pet vendors for tea leaves or Yuans as the ability to name a pet is NOT worth 7 bucks. But, to make up for removing them for the store, you should think about adding in some sets of nerfed, unbreakable, retextured armor and/or more hats as those are things that people would go for and are worth MORE than 7 bucks.

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

We have consciously made decisions not to ever include gameplay related (enchanted items also influence gameplay) items, as we want free to play players to be able to enjoy this server in an as balanced way as possible. That’s why it’s also not possible to trade your cash shop items with others and for them to use it afterwards. Next to that, it would also go against Mojang’s EULA to sell any gameplay features.

I understand your concern with regards to pets and their cosmetic features. I’ll discuss this further internally and we’ll see what happens to this afterwards. Thank you for your responses.

With regards to more items in the store; we just don’t have the 3D modellers or textures to create more models. The ones that used to do had IRL priorities and had to become inactive, unfortunately.

By Yatropy [Team Member] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Tbh I don’t get why everything needs to be bought then? I know it’s like some ‘extra’ but the server will be pay to win, instead of play to win? Idk if that is the meaning of the server, to be pay to win, but it isn’t something that will attract a lot of people.

I do like your idea’s tho.

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Don’t worry. We will never sell gameplay through our cash shop. Period.

By Yatropy [Team Member] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

I’m so happy to hear that! :‘)

By lemur68 At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

It’s illegal anyways. To have a Minecraft server you have to agree to a EULA which says you can’t sell stuff that affects gameplay

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 4 years ago Report Reply 0

Hey there,

My apology for not responding sooner.

Subclasses have been on our mind for a long while right now and they are definitely on our roadmap of things we are planning to work on. However, with the limitations of Minecraft and with the fact that everything should be as balanced as possible, we’re forced to be really creative with our approaches.

Either way, with regards to changes in bending, we have considerations towards changes, but we can’t talk about those yet as we do not want to falsely hype them. As soon as we can talk about it, you’ll hear more. :)

Just as a note: we will never sell gameplay in our cash shop. Subclasses, when they eventually reach our server, will be obtainable through in-game progress.

As a last note: changing an element’s color may seem simple at first, but will require a lot of backend development in order to support it and is not on our list of priorities right now as the gain to effort is just so little. We all want blue, orange, purple fire, but we feel like it shouldn’t get in the way of the more fun and important things on the server. :)

By Yatropy [Team Member] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I really like the idea of those scrolls, except I think it’d be very difficult to make such a thing on the server.

It’s indeed a great idea to add subbending! I’d love to see that, eventho it should be balanced a bit, I wouldn’t like to have people, shooting explosives on eatchothers head and insta-die? x))

Witih the Chi-Blocking, I personally prefer the Ty-Lee Chi-blocking method, idk about others tho, so without all the machines and stuff.