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I’ll explain what the problem is; I think some people are quite far in leveling, but experience some kind of dislike towards their element, unfortunately they can’t change that, which could cause people to leave the server because they are just not enjoy playing with their element.

In my case that isn’t the problem, it’s just that I know I like my element, but maybe I like others better. For example I can’t take a look at water, and think hmmm… maybe this is even more fun to play with! I know I got a ‘tutorial’ to experience each element, but it just didn’t do the job, because there were only like 3 spells I could play with ( maybe this isn’t the case and I just missed that, so please make that clear ).

So maybe it’s a good idea to just keep the rule of when you’re new you can still switch, but you can also switch for like 7K. So people will need to play with their element they chose.

I’d also like to suggest; Craftable nationbanners. I’d really like to have those just to build with, decoration or anything else. They’re so great to look at, and now we can’t even use them :/.

I hope I made all my suggestions clear! If there are any questions, feel free to ask :).

Greetz, Yatropy


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5 years ago

By martdamp [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Hey Yatropy,

There are already craftable nation banners. You can get them by placing one dye to the right of the banner, one above and then one right and up, like this



With D = Dye and B = Banner, you can change the location of the banner and you will get another nation banner.

About the suggestion of paying money to change your element. We have something else in mind and thus won’t be adding a switch for yuans at this point.

By Yatropy [Team Member] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Thanks for the fast reply! :)

Ah alright thanks! Oh.. I tried to make a banner, but it doesn’t work? Does it need a special dye or? ~ Found it, nvm.

By WaffleMity At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I agree, for the tutorial thing i didnt know i can go back and didnt know anything about that you can use moves or if even those are moves. So i basicly clicked on air and air jumped and thats it i chose it since i didnt know.

By Yatropy [Team Member] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Haha same for me with fire tho! So maybe it’s an idea to just look through the tutorial thing, and maybe make some adjustments so new players make the right choise :).

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