Rentable Fire Nation Capital House

I was told that it is possible to rent homes monthly using in-game yuans, but I cannot seem to find any homes with signs on them.

Can someone help me?


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2 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

There are plenty of houses in the northeastern district in the FNC that are rentable, ranging from ¥ 30K per month to I think approx. ¥ 110K per month (depending on how much volume there is to adjust). They are really close to the fighting arena (a little south/east of the arena itself).

Please note that by renting a house, you’ll only be able to adjust the inside of the house. However, make sure that you refresh your rent before the end of your expiration period (so before the end of every month) in order to keep your house.

Please note that if you don’t extend your rent before the end of the month, you’ll lose your house and all contents inside of it. We are unable to restore these contents as this plugin is not created by us.