Trouble leveling up my pets

I’m a little stumped.

Not too long ago I got a Polar Bear Dog hoping that he’d be better than a bison for protection. My bison Alphonse had been a great companion to me and I’ve flown him just about all over the world, but he’s far too slow. He can’t land an attacks fast enough and always dies in a matter of seconds.

Thankfully I was partially right. My big burly polar bear dog friend (who I call Sam) can last longer…ish, but I’ve still run into the same problem. So I heard from Mart who heard from Guo, pets gain experience after they do a significant amount of damage.

But here’s the problem. Sam is level 2, much like Alphonse. Although he’s slightly stronger, he still CANNOT hold his own against ANYTHING except the occasional wild creeper or zombie that spawns out in the wild. And I dont know if those even do anything.

I have tried everything with Sam. I’ve been farming the BSS minidungeon like mad, and I thought maybe if I let him have at the boss after I whittle him down to near death he SHOULD gain some XP, and I can level him that way. To Sam’s credit he deals with that boss fine. He’s landed the final kill more times than I count but he’s still stuck at 6379.

So I though, okay maybe he having him kill a greater quantity of mobs would raise his XP. So I took him to the airbender mini dungeon, the easiest dungeon there is. And he didn’t stand a chance even against the minions. I let him fully heal, sent him and out and told him to defend me, let the minions hit me so he knows to attack them, and once he gets up in their face he’s dead in about three seconds, only enough time to deal one blow (which isn’t enough to kill them at his level).

So I’m stumped. As I told mart, I’ve tried everything I could think of, I’ve even tried to be a human shield, but my pets are too weak to survive long enough to deal enough damage to level up, and I hate that cause I want them to. I want them to get better alongside me so dungeons can be a bit more fun and easier. I see other people who’s pets have managed to level up, so the plugin must be fine. I can only guess that somehow or another I’m the one doing something wrong but for the life of me I don’t know what. Where else can I go to train him?


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5 years ago

By Pozboy123 [Chat Moderator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I have a sky bison myself and I found it best to level him up at NWT for the correct corresponding levels then move to FNC then RC. Currently he is level 17. It was pretty hard at first you have to stay at the first room for awhile just killing spiders and letting them get the last shot but after awhile he could kill the boss. I never trained my sky bison at a minidungeon just because I never go to them in general. Hopefully this works for you and don’t be frustrated if your sky bison just runs up to the NPC and bobs its head at it. Mine does that a lot XD.

By CafeMan At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I tried leveling up my bison at the NWT. Didn’t work. He would die every single time I brought him out because he was too slow. Thats why I got the polar bear dog. At the time, they were still wolves. I thought they would be a lot faster. Sadly they were only slightly faster.

I’ll try my bear at the NWT, but since he was getting his fat fuzzy ass handed to him by the minions at the air temple mini dungeon I don’t know how well he’ll do there.

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Actually, I was mistaken when I told mart that. I just looked it up and pets gain experience in the following way:

  • When a mob dies, find all pets that have damaged the mob in the last 30 seconds:
    • Get the amount of experience from the killed mob
    • Give every pet an equal cut of the experience.

The algorithm does not consider how much damage a pet has done.

But the real problem here I think is the AI of pets. They tend to walk up too close to their target to actually hit it. And they are not smart enough to walk away when they are attacked by several mobs. This makes it very frustrating to get through the first few levels.

The AI for pets has been a long standing pet peeve of mine though. So it will most likely be improved when I get around to improving it some time in the future. However, I don’t know when that will be.

By CafeMan At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

«When a mob dies, find all pets that have damaged the mob in the last 30 seconds: Get the amount of experience from the killed mob»

I’m not sure what you mean there. You worded that pretty weirdly.

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

When a mob dies the following happens:

  • Create a list of every pet that has damaged the mob damaged the mob in the last 30 seconds.
  • Get the amount of experience for the mob
  • Divide the experience among the pets in the list. Every pet gets an equal cut.