Enable Glazed Terracotta and concrete

So I just moved to Braavos recently. Im currently trying to build myself a little home there. I thought red glazed terracotta might be really nice for the floor since I’m an airbender and that particular kind of glazed terracotta has little swirls, kind of like the air nation symbol.

You make glazed terracotta by smelting dyed terracotta/hardened clay. But when I went to smelt my red terracotta, nothing happened. It seems glazed terracotta has been disabled. Could we re-enable that? I don’t know why we cant use that in the first place. It, along with concrete (which also seems to be disabled) is another wonderful new building material that would look good in a lot of places.

I mean we’re in a modern-ish Avatar era, surely by now the world knows how to make concrete, and spirits know glazed terracotta has to have been around for a while.


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5 years ago

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

The new recipes will be available soon, a team member is currently working on that.

Glazed terracotta is not one of these recipes though, we plan to re-texture the block first to fit in better with our avatar setting. Suggestions for what to re-texture them into exactly are welcome.

By CafeMan At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Ooh retextured terrracotta eh?

I have some ideas for that since you’re looking for them.

White Glazed: White Lotus symbol

Black Glazed: Red Lotus Symbol

Orange Glazed: Air Nation Symbol

Red Glazed: Fire Nation Insignia

Blue Glazed: Northern water tribe symbol (the one with the moon and the waves

Light Blue glazed: Southern Water Tribe symbol

Green Glazed: Earth Kingdom Insignia

Gray: Zaofu/Earth Empire Insignia

I’ve no idea what could be done with the rest.

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I’ll make sure to write these down.