Izumi muted me, and I'd like to make the screenshots and information public.

Iron and I had been discussing something, and Izumi had given me one «warning» in global chat, possibly not even directed towards me as he said «hubby». I was then sentenced to a one day mute, for violations of rules 2.5 (harassment) and 2.6 (rudeness). Notice that I was being called manipulative, which is very insulting. This clear bias in the judgement of the chat mod is disgusting.

Link to the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Qugmr


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3 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Dear AvatarYangchen,

We have internally discussed your case.

First of all, I’d like to quote that being a Chat Moderator involves taking a series of variables into account.

From the chat logs, it’s not exactly clear whether you were breaking the rules or not, but it is clear that you continued after a Chat Moderator warned you.

Both our Chat- and General Moderation teams have specific instructions to handle cases in specific situations. However, I hope you can imagine that many situations can differ from each other. This is why we have an overarching system that allows a Moderator to make a judgement call in case they deem necessary.

So what do I mean with that?
The goals we have with our rules are mentioned on our rules section:

The rules serve to protect our players from unfair gameplay and other annoyances. The rules are categorized into four sections: General, Social, Towny and Mumble Specific Rules.

In this case, the Chat Moderator who handled the case, FireLordIzumi, felt pressured by the fact that there was a new player online. He wanted to keep the chat clean, so your argument (that had a relatively negative tone) would not intervene with their ability to help the new player. It also doesn’t look nice when there are two people fighting in the chat towards new players.

In one of your screenshots, this is even more evident. We are fine with you guys talking in this manner to each other as long as you both are fine with that too.

However, you did get a warning and you did proceed ignoring that warning.

Our social rules are rather mild and only apply a mute of the global chat, so you can still PM and talk to others in that way.

Finally, I do agree that this isn’t a clear rule. This is why we are internally discussing the addition of another rule in order to make that clear towards players.

To conclude

Did the Chat Moderator ban you unfairly or did he show bias?
I personally don’t think so, with the reasoning I mentioned above.

Should the Chat Moderator have communicated your warning more clearly?
I do think that should have happened. I will be talking with the Chat Moderator in order to be more clear on the warnings in the future.

What will we do in order to prevent this exact situation from happening in the future?
We will either be adding a rule or clarifying upon other rule(s), so it’s more clear.

Will you be receiving any reduction on the mute or any compensation?
The fact remains that you ignored the warning and proceeded breaking that rule, so no.