How do I exit a dungeon?

Also, how come the Fire Nation boss is so hard? I even tried doing the running around in circles trick to encourage the henchmen to fight each other and even damage the boss yet I am only able to get about half way through his health bar. My air spike always seems to miss whenever I move or just doesn’t contact. Someone please help me so I know how to defeat him. My food bar always runs low whenever I do this and I run out of my reserve of food before I could defeat him. There is always those few fireballs that hit me in the face and they hurt.

Also, how do I exit the dungeon pre-maturely.?


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1 year ago

By AvatarYangchen At 1 year ago Report Reply 0

Do /capital to exit the dungeon prematurely.

You’re right with running around him using airspear. Just constantly be moving and it’s more difficult to be hit. If you have featherweight, it gives you one thing of food. Just bring a lot of carrots and keep shooting, you’ll get him eventually. I always try to make the mob swarm around the boss, thought it’s easier with my speed to make them into a ball.

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 1 year ago Report Reply 0

Just to add to what Yanchen already said: The dungeon is intended to be completed with multiple people. The adds can be killed before they teleport into the boss room.

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 1 year ago Report Reply 0

Just to add as well, if you accidentally joined a dungeon: the first room always has an exit gate that -when entered and waiting approximately 5 seconds- teleports you back to the entrance of the dungeon.