The Cruel Market World


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Hey guys, Pozman123 here protecting the citizens of Avatarmc that respect me, from the dangerous and cruel world that is the AvatarMC markets! No, don’t click away just yet this shit post may teach you a bit!

This post is dedicated to yours truly, Dave Wittenberg!


After joining the server and going on a long adventure in the spirit world collecting as many ores as you can you finally make it safe into your town. Here you decide to cook up your well fought for gold ore and make your way to the markets to sell your precious gold blocks. On your way to Dave you see something very interesting when you talk to him.

Gold Ore Sell: 83.11

Gold Ingot Sell: 18.28

Gold Bricks Sell: 113.62

Isn’t that just jolly! After spending not only your time and fuel to make these beautiful gold blocks you find out that it was all just a waste! Not only would you have made more money if you wouldnt have smelt your gold ore but gold ingots would get you more money than converting it to gold bricks. After crying in your closet for around 20 hours you finally get back on the server. You decide that it is better to at least make some kind of money than no money. You talk to Dave again and right click the gold ingots to make the most profit. Right away you notice your terrible mistake. You forgot to change the setting to selling mode! YOU JUST BOUGHT 64 GOLDEN INGOTS FOR TWICE AS MUCH AS YOU COULD HAVE SOLD IT FOR!!!!!

You sell all of your gold as quickly as you can hoping that you will recieve some kind of profit. You come back after crying for for another 20 hours in your closet and only a profit of 936 yuans to show for it. You dont even have enough money to see how much gold is at the other 6 markets.

But fellow new player dont cry in you closet just yet because you find a solution! You find that there is a better way to spend your golden bricks instead of selling it. BUILDING!

(Plz add me to build team and fix gold prices)


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3 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Is this supposed to be a shitpost? :P

By Pozboy123 [Chat Moderator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

«No, don’t click away just yet this shit post may teach you a bit!» Ye

By IronTem [Chat Moderator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

I’d just like to say that the genius idea to make a secret room full of golden dicks belongs to me. That’s all.