Northern Imperium


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Are you held back by the pale shadow of an ancient Republic, e’er grandstanding and sabre-rattling as if it could claim an unbroken connection with glories of yore? Could ye be constricted by the eternal red tape of bureaucracy? Know where you stand ere darkness falls, and the world is enveloped by the light of the moon.

See the beauty of a world scarred by history and war, including many famous landmarks and ancient wonders – with towns settled on most major continents, you’ll have no real trouble in traveling. See the sights! Travel to Imperial City, the ancient heart of New Empire! See the Fire Nation through the eyes of the Backpackers! The world is truly yours to explore.

No longer will ye be beholden to ancient falsities, or to modernity, pushing forward in an era that sees our swords dull and rust. Sharpen your blades, and charge forth to victory! March to the stars with imperial authority. Join the Imperium today, and ensure that history lives on in brutal efficiency. Deus Vult!


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6 years ago

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Fairly certain anyone interested in this nation doesn’t have the intelligence to understand half the words you used.

Good time waster though.


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Hey buddy, I am a proud Backpacker.

What do you have against us?