The New Earth Republic


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Are you looking for an escape from the bureaucracy from the «People’s» Confederacy, or from the elitism Northern Imperium? There is another option. The Earth Republic is back, and although it is not the original (Old Republic of Rohan, which is old Hoshidan Empire), it has the heart. With Guo as its capital, the Earth Republic can be your escape from the modern server. With towns scattered across the world, you travel to many different areas in the blink of an eye.

No longer will you be left in the past with People’s Confederacy, or obscurity in Northern Imperium. Join the Earth Republic, and make your mark on history.


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6 years ago

By kaininjakai_ At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

I want to join cuz of the speech

By [deleted] At 6 years ago 0

By IronTem [Chat Moderator] At 6 years ago Report Reply 0

ya but what if i like.. didnt

By Pozboy123 [Chat Moderator] At 6 years ago Report Reply 0

ooooooooo earth republic?! Sounds like real goode idear! Count meh ine!