Colored Leather = Four Nations Armour?

I just had a neat little idea I think: What if when a player dyes their leather armour blue, green, red, or yellow that the armour would come out looking like the Nations armour to their according color? so: Red- Fire Nation armour, Blue- Water Tribe armour, Green- Earth Kingdom armour, Yellow- Air Nomad robes (since the didnt have an army XP) I just thought that would be a pretty unique thing to add to the server :D


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3 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Cool idea, however armor’s are already preserved for another purpose. You’ll learn more about that sooner or later hopefully. ;)

By Creolux At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

WOO HOO!!! ~(^-^)~