The AvatarMC Blackjack Tournament


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For the Grand Opening of the Silver Dragon Casino in Dragonstone, we’ll be hosting a server-wide Blackjack Tournament! To enter, message me a couple of days in advance with the buy-in fee.

Beginning on January 21st at 8pm UTC and ending on January 22nd at the same time, the tournament buy-in fee will be ¥50,000 with the ability to raise at any point during the games. This may be done with both items and Yuans, although items can only be added to the prize pool separately rather than expecting all participants to contribute.

The tournament overall will operate on a lives system. Participants are given three lives per round. This will be repeated four times, with the previous winners afforded immunity. Once the games have concluded, further rounds come into play for the winners of the preliminary rounds. Again working with the lives system, three rounds will be played, with three lives each. The winner of the 1st round will place first, and so on.

The overall prize pot will be the collective buy-in fees, with 10% for the dealer, 45% for the winner, 30% for second place, and 15% for third place. This is to ensure the dealer isn’t bankrupted by the tournament, and to ensure that there’s no discrepancies in prizes.

Once these have concluded, participants are free to explore the Casino as they wish. A separate game will be held for those wanting to play for skin changes rather than Yuans.


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