Rocket. Boots.

I found these boots in the new dungeon. They were in the water outside the pirate ship you go to after you defeat the mini boss. Zuko said I could keep them, so that’s awesome. I also said I would marry them, so that’s happening now.

No one would tell me anything about them, so perhaps they’ll be available in the future?

I must say it’s so fun just jumping around everywhere. It’s like a low-ish level air jump with no cooldown.

EDIT: And killme took them. Fuck me


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3 years ago
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3 years ago

By palsjuegs [Team Member] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

RIP Rocket Boots

By AvatarYangchen At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Damn, that’s dope

By lemur68 At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

I found a total of three around the new dungeon. I started feeling like they were meant for me. But alas, they were just from a mistake, just like everything in my life.

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

I didn’t notice they had actual stats, my bad.

They were dropped by some of our team members on accident so yeah, you were not supposed to have them. :P

By lemur68 At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

It’s fine. I just wish we had more information about them. Like why do they even exist at all? I heard talk of an NDA, so I understand why you’re not giving anything away, but it’d be nice.

By Grangoon [Administrator] At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

These boots are actually something bundled with the plugin we’re using for bending. I had been looking through the associated files and pre-made features to see if there was anything we could use to better the server and discovered built-in equipment such as this. Upon testing them out I found them entertaining, and shared the knowledge with others who were able to access them.

At the present time we have no plans to introduce items with move effects such as this to the server, however the possibility of doing so in the future still remains provided we invest the time in creating new ones (These are made differently from moves, and as such I am unable to create them myself.) and balancing them while also maintaining a (at least moderately) lore-friendly purpose for them.

By Creolux At 3 years ago Report Reply 0

Half-brain Lore Idea: They were built by Sokka to help him fight his enemies better OR They were built for Air Acolytes to deal with wild (or just any) Sky Bison (maybe the went public witht them?). (Personally the second one sounds more reasonable I just thought the name Rocket Boots was a name Sokka might come up with XP)