Free Villagers for All™

As of November 19, 2016, I will be beginning the Free Villagers for All™ program. A villager breeder was recently added to the town of Kraotum, pictured above. In this program, I will be trying to set up at least one villager breeder in every region.

I will also be bringing villagers to coastal towns if they desire, and encouraging them to set up villager breeders in their respective regions. If a town which isn’t coastal will bring the villagers from the coast into their town on their own, I will gladly bring the villagers to the coast.

Free Villagers for All™ is based on the idea that villagers should be accessible to everyone, not just the rich. When I asked Fredly to sell me two villagers, the lowest price he asked was 400k per villager. Now, this story is not for saying he’s bad, on the contrary, he’s a good person, and I don’t blame him for charging me so much. The point is that since so few villagers are ever in circulation, people can charge so much for them. But by making villagers free and accessible, the price can be greatly reduced, perhaps to only transporting fees by a third party. Luckily, I found four villagers on my own, and Zuko was kind enough to move them to my town, where I could breed them, and now I’m able to do this.

If you wish to have villagers brought to your town, please leave a comment or message me in game.


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By AvatarYangchen At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

Lemur is on the Western Air Islands, and it takes a while to get the villagers from there to say, my town on the eastern shore of the Earth Kingdom (we even had to dig a canal through the Serpent’s Pass). So if you’d like villagers and you’re on the eastern Air Islands/eastern Earth Kingdom, I’d be happy to help ship some sla–Villagers to your location. Not trying to steal Lemur’s business (although it’s free), I’m just looking to help.

By lemur68 At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

I don’t care if you «steal» my pseudo-business. It says in the post that I encourage people to set up breeders in their regions, and share them with people. So, thanks for doing that.

By lemur68 At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

What you need for the breeder (as far as I can recall):

  • Shit ton of stone bricks (at least 8 stacks, maybe 10)
  • 96 (1.5 stacks) potatoes/carrots
  • 8 sticky pistons
  • 12 redstone
  • 4 levers
  • 5 signs
  • 13 water sources
  • 4 lilypads/stone brick slabs
  • An amount that depends on height +4 ladders
  • 64 doors
  • 18x18 space

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By GuoKao [Administrator] At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

Well, slavery is indeed not in our rules. I guess it’s ok?