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Bio time.

I joined this server at the tail end of March 2016, and have since gotten quite invested in AvatarMC. When I joined, I decided to become an airbender, and joined the town of Maoyi pretty much the same day. I puttered around for a while, got to know people, leveled up my moves, you know the drill. Sometime later, Maoyi had raided two small towns, Tree fell and New Sweden, which they wanted to make into a town, so I stepped up, making Little Maoyi. Became a chat mod somewhere around this time. Once again, I puttered around for a while recruiting (with little success). Then, everything changed when PC attacked. Short war, which Maoyi pretty much lost. Not much damage to my town, but the trauma to my citizens was there (not really). Being the noble mayor I was, I pulled out of Maoyi at a citizens request, and joined the first nation that’d have me. (A lot of towns in the Maoyi fed did this, but most joined Jordan’s newly formed nation instead.) And then you have the story.

Sorry this turned into a bit of a history lesson, but I haven’t really been on the server long, so there isn’t much to tell, so it fits kinda.

Anyway, here I am. Hope to see all of you on the server!


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