Eco-Terra - Error in the town greeting message

When members of our town log on to the server, the greeting message,

«Welcome to Eco-Terra, where the future is your’s».

is shown. If the word «your’s» could be changed to «yours» so we don’t come off as illiterate swamp bender hics to any new members who might join us, that would be nice. I REALLY hate having to be «that guy» but…actually, no I don’t. Grammar is important and the incorrect use of an apostrophe in our town greeting triggers me as an English major.

An apostrophe is used to either indicate missing letters in the middle of words or phrases (such as «can’t», «won’t», «don’t», «doesn’t», «hasn’t», and so on and so forth) or to indicate the possessive. For example:

«That is Bwake’s tea leaf.»

«This tea leaf is Bwake’s

«Zuko’s honor is an illusion, and so is death.»

However, personal pronouns (words like «I», «you», «he», «she», «it», «we», «they») indicate the possessive by becoming a new words entirely. In the context of our greeting message the word «you» becomes «yours» as it indicates the possessive for multiple people.

I apologize for having to be a grammar nazi, but as previously stated, grammar is important. May the wind always be on your back.


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5 years ago
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5 years ago

By Kayleyy At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Haha guess who doesn’t have enough permissions to use the /town set board command! Guess you’re just gonna have to deal with being seen as an illiterate swamp bender hick with the incorrect usage of your’s/s or wait until Azzmo comes on!

By GuoKao [Administrator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

Absolutely unacceptable

Edit: Paging Kayley

ill fix it and that being seen as a swampbender hick is a compliment

By Pozboy123 [Chat Moderator] At 5 years ago Report Reply 0

I heard that the board at the SouthernRaiders uses correct grammar.