Hats are coming

So, while browsing the log file right after I joined the server, I found two things of interest:

«Missing model for: minecraft:item/special/hats/dai_li_hat»

«Missing model for: minecraft:item/special/hats/amon_mask»

Also (before /cosmetic was banned), when you pressed tab, «hat» would show up, so it would seem that soon you’ll be able to buy hats, among which the Dai Li hat and the Amon mask will be.


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7 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 7 years ago Report Reply 0

Hats already were a part of our server before, back when we had the limited kyoshi hat + bending focus sale on the kyoshi island release.

We would indeed like to release more, but have been unable to due to a lack of active modellers :/

By [deleted] At 7 years ago 0