September Bending Moves ~Airbender Edition~

HEY! Do you like getting new bending moves? I like getting new bending moves! Well, guess what?


Yes I know they came out a week ago or so. But I figured since we have a shiny new forum and nobody’s posted anything in the bending section we should have a place to talk about the new moves. If you have serious feedback regarding an issue with the new moves those concerns should be relayed in the Feedback Section.

Also, while I have a great appreciation for all forms of bending, this thread is just for the new airbending moves. Perhaps other people could make threads for their own types of bending.

WOO got the boring stuff out of the way! Now…LET’S TALK BENDING!

We have two new moves to work with, just like always.

WINDRUSH: Basically a far more versatile form of AirDodge. When fully upgraded, this move allows you to teleport rush forward 14 blocks on land or strait up into the air. This superspeedy move has a 4 second cooldown.

(Note: This same height can be reached with by right clicking with a fully upgraded airjump)

AIRGUST: A PVP move that not only deals 1-2 hearts of damage to your opponent, but also sends you and your opponent flying backwards a considerable distance at the cost of a 10 second cooldown. Thankfully your opponent flies back farther than you do. Perfect for opponents who are stupid enough to fight an airbender next to a cliff.

So…what do you think about the new moves? What do you like about them? What dont you like? Found any cool uses for them?

Discuss, my brethren, and may the winds forever be at your back.


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By nanook4219 [Chat Moderator] At 2 years ago Report Reply 0

These seem like quite versatile moves actually. The (essentially flash step) windrush or w/e would serve well in close quarters actually, and should (havent tested) pair well with air bolt. The other one seems interesting as well. Seems exactly like air shock, air tornado, and the other air bubble move tho.