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Hey there, I’m palsjuegs. aka Shila, The Southern Queen, Mitch, your mom.

I’ve lived in the Southern Water Tribe (SWT) for a while now in my own personal Island. I named it Iliak Island. Iliak is a modification of Iluliaq, which according to google means Iceberg in Greenlandic. I also have a summer home in The Swamp (my original place of residence and now an outpost) named Banyan Tree Camp.

I’m also a waterbender and semi-rp that I hail from Repubic City and have mixed heritage from the SWT and Earth Kingdom. At some point I went to The Swamp to, uh.. idk.. research mushrooms and their nutritional properties or something idk.. Eventually I set out to the SWT where I found an island closeish to the Southern Spirit Portal and settled there.

My favored activities are building and exploring. I’m a member and assistant of TheWaterTribes player made nation. Like my nation I’m peaceful, neutral, and don’t care much for politics. I hardly ever do pvp and only in a friendly setting. I’m also at the time of this edit (12/12/2016) a member of the server’s Quality Assurance Team where I help test things.

I guess that’s all about me, you are all welcome to visit anytime. My town has only one rule: Be Nice.


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7 years ago
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6 years ago

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 7 years ago Report Reply 0

Hello Shila, welcome to our forums! :D

By palsjuegs [Team Member] At 7 years ago Report Reply 0

This is awesome. Hopefully it’ll really take off, it’s a nice alternative to reddit.

By FireLordZuko [Administrator] At 7 years ago Report Reply 0

And the best part is, we made it entirely ourselves :D